Hi. I’m Steve Gallacci and this is my professional content site. Most of that would be comic book work, but I also do science-fiction and technical illustration, and sculpt or machine and cast artifacts and models, and just do stuff.

A little history

I’d always done art and illustration even as a small child, and when I joined the U.S.Air Force in 1974 I was lucky enough to be a Graphics Specialist. Although most of the work was simply doing charts and graphs and document layouts for briefings or publications, there was enough creativity and occasional artwork keep things interesting and it was a great working experience. It was also in service that I became interested in science-fiction fandom and underground/independent comic books, and by ’78 I’d was doing fanzines and laying the foundation for what would become Albedo Anthropomorphics.

ALBEDO Anthropomorphics started as a funny animal comic anthology comic, with my Erma Felna, EDF as a science-fiction series within. While most of the other stories were one-shots, Stan Sakai’s Usage Yojimbo rather famously went on to become its own highly successful series and the longest running one-man comic title in the business.

Birthright was conceived as a distant sequel to the Erma Felna story line for Fantagraphics Books Critters funny animal anthology comic.

Fusion was a somewhat retro science-fiction adventure comic, (reminiscent of Firefly, but done twenty years earlier) created by Lex Nakashima, the initial episodes written by Steve Barnes and the art done as a tag-team effort between Lela Dowling and myself. The majority of subsequent main story episodes were written by me as well, while a wide range of other artists and writers did shorts related to the setting and cast.

Tales of the Fehnnik, created by Elin Winkler, has been a major fannish interest of mine, so much that I’ve generated a considerable backlog of unpublished stories and art, as well as one short published installment in the series, with the hope of more in the coming years.

Alone Together, distantly inspired by the movie Hell in the Pacific, had been mulled around for over thirty years in various forms until I finally focused on getting it properly down on paper recently, though not yet in a fully publishable form.

Coyote Girl, Women’s Auxiliary Airship Service, and other ideas are still in development, not having finished scripts and/or are still only short one-shots and don’t quite count yet.

Thoughts & Images publishing and related book dealing. I began Albedo as a self-published effort, and ultimately fourteen issues of the comic, three of the collected reprints, Command Review, and the Paul Kidd Role Playing Game was done my me. I also published three issues of Donna Barr’s wonderfully bizarre WWII tale, The Desert Peach and one issue of my own sword and sorcery story Zell, Sworddancer. Then, along with dealing my own books for sale, I had copies of Fusion and the fantasy anthology title The Dreamery on hand. Later I would also be involved with Vicky Wyman’s Xanadu and the associated Ever-Changing Palace. I also have odds lots of some smaller titles as well, and will have a stock list available eventually. Though not currently an active publisher, Thoughts & Images is still my doing-business-as name.

Technical illustration. Old school drafting techniques still apply to make illustrations of various subjects. Historical subjects have been based on my own research, from examinations of original specimens and photographic analysis. Science-Fiction subjects get rational engineering considerations rather than simply “add more bits” styling as appropriate.

Custom model and artifact building. Creating objects, either entirely from scratch, out of wood, metal, or plastic, or from kits or converted objects. As necessary, scale engineering drawings may be done first to get the shapes right, then the parts get fabricated or sculpted. If duplicate parts are desired, silicon molds can be made and parts cast out of metal or resin. If requested, duplicates of existing objects can also be made.

Argent Small Arms Though not currently active, making silver bullets for ammunition was a thing for a while. Still have some back stock and information on the experience of actually shooting silver ammo in many calibres.