Albedo volume 5 number 1

A long delay and a new publisher, this time its Mike Curtis's Shanda Fantasy Arts doing the deed. Adrian Kleinbergen did about half the inks in the issue. There is also a little three page silly bit by me in the back. Instead of back-filling the new entries to have a day-by-day presentation, I'm starting the new issue today (Sept. 13) in order to stretch out the uploads as I'm coming to the end of the published work and need to start thinking about some new content. Before that, however, I will be posting the incomplete content of what would have been the third issue. I was well along and would have likely been almost on schedule except that it was right then that my Wife, Bev was diagnosed with cancer and everything not associated with her came to an immediate halt. Along with potential new content, there is a group of silly folk who seem determined to do a minatures/RPG tactical game based on Albedo. See the Facebook group 'Albedo Anthropomorphics Fan Group' for more info.
2018-09-14 02:41:16 
It's good to know that there are plans to make official products based on the comic. Anything that helps to make your work known will be always a good thing.
2018-09-14 09:56:51 
New content would be terrific!
2018-09-16 03:30:05 
I can only agree. Unfortunately, I am not on FB, but I would gladly support any efforts to get Albedo and/or related material back into the physical world — RPG's, new content, prestige edition reprints, anything. According to my own personal experience, Kickstarter might be very useful platform to make such things come true.
2018-09-16 16:16:03 
I would just like to give a little warning: I would not like to be the person who has to do this, but if you are going to do some kind of project with other people, you have to make sure that those people are trustworthy and that they have some kind of previous experience with board games. There is always a risk that there are people who might try to scam you and take your money in case their Kickstarter project fails or doesn't work in a way you would agree under better circumstances.
2018-09-19 14:58:58 
I'd trust Steve to fulfill any project of his to the best of his ability. If he started such a project, I wouldn't have any compunctions about pledging my money to it.