Tales of the Fehnnik episode 3 page 1

This is actually the fourth story installment, the first issue of FotF was published by Antarctic Press way back in 1995, written by Elin Winkler and art by Pat Kelly. I saw it and was instantly hooked. I began doing all kinds of fannish doodles and working up analysis of nuances of the culture and costumes. Years later, Elin, with her own publishing company, Radio Comix, published her own first issue of what was to be a continuing series, as the original AP issue was more of a stand alone prequel, with art by Scotty Arsenault. As Scotty was running a bit long in getting work done on the second issue, I did my own version (and now can't seem to find it) but he did come through in the end. I did do the cover art however. Later still, with various time crunches, Elin was only able to get a short installment done that was published in her anthology title Furrlough issue 135, and that is what is here now.